Catnip Sachets – A Catnip Fantasy 2021


A Catnip Fantasy 2021

Product Description: One 3 ounce sachet of catnip with a play-stick.


A Catnip Fantasy 2021

Product Description: One 3 ounce bag of catnip with a play-stick.

A Catnip Fantasy 2021 is the latest harvest of catnip – in sachet form – grown, curated, and packaged by Outside Box students Dascha and Wolfgang, together with the help of the CEO and President of Feline Fantasy, Venus Fly Trap, in the summer of 2021.  The sachets are roughly 3 ounces and come with a play-stick, which is a 3/4 inch stalk of catnip that cats love to bat around when some nip is dropped on top of it.  The catnip is grown 100% organically.  No perfumes, scents, or other materials are added to the sachets.  The sachets are 100% cotton.  Orders are fulfilled in 1 to 2 weeks and there are no refunds/returns.  There is a 1$ shipping charge added to the $5 cost of the sachets.

Feline Fantasy Catnip Information  

The catnip we grow at Feline Fantasy is a special variety that comes from three different transplants of catnip that were begun in the summer of 2001.  The strains were miniature catnip, lemon catnip, and regular catnip plants purchased from Agua Fria Nursery.  After a few years, and across two different garden locations, the original plants’ descendants/seeds have developed into a dominant variety that emerges each year, with nice broad leaves and approximately 3-4 foot stalks and blooms.  However, some years, certain clusters of the nip will be hybrids or non-dominant strains present in our seed base – sometimes having furly leaves with cuts along the side while others will develop massive leaves nearly twice the size of other plants and not specific to location/sun, and some years a volunteer will sprout up that is super petite!  Catnip can seed/bloom/die each year (annual behavior), or it can function as a biennial (two years), or even be a perennial in the Santa Fe climate.  We get all three types of these behaviors every year depending on location, irrigation, and other factors.  Our favorite form of nip is when the cluster functions as a perennial/biennial, so resuming from the prior year it grows earlier than the ones that come from seed, and this early growth often causes purple/rainbow coloring from the frost damage, resulting in a different and unique aroma.  We bag these and others as special varieties and we have strains and samples from as far back as 2008 left in stock!  These are coming soon … for now, enjoy this year’s harvest … A Catnip Fantasy 2021.